PAWSitive Barbell Club

Breathing life back into New Hampshire & it’s weightlifting community.

Hey! I am Stephanie Jefferson! I have been an LMT for almost two decades. I started weightlifting in 2015. Over the years I have added various certifications and CEU’s to my toolbox to help bring a wide variety of services to help guide clients to healthier living.

I love working with athletes! I am one myself and know exactly what you are going through. I have helped clients cut for meets, heal from the grueling training they endure, & give them an additional means of support in achieving their goals!

Training isn’t just eating well or following your program. It is working on your mindset. Living a day-to-day life that supports your goals. I help client’s stay on track. Each program is different based on your needs. Please reach out with any questions!

Physical location & details for club coming soon! My main goal right now is to get more competitions in NH & create a fun location for athletes to drop into & do their training! Please note, weightlifting programming is not something I will be offering at this point in time! However, I can help you find a good fit!


Sports Nutrition: To help athletes fuel properly for their sport. Stay within their weight class, cut, or gain!

Weightlifting Competition Coaching: Coaching for unaffiliated athletes or athletes who have a remote coach who cannot be there for them on competition day.

Wellness Coaching:
Programs custom designed for individuals and their goals. Includes life coaching with bodywork and/or nutrition.

USAW level1

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